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    6. What kind of project(s) do you have in mind? (Check all that apply)

    Complete WebsiteSite Design OnlySite Development OnlySearch Engine Optimization

    Site MaintenanceLogo DesignBusiness CardsOther

    7. Are you the decision-maker for this project?



    8. Do you have a required launch date?



    If your project is a website, please continue. Otherwise, you can skip ahead to question 14.

    9. What should the function of your website be?

    Brochure - Presents company information and cuntent rarely changesInformational - Presents company information and regularly publishes new content, such as blog posts

    Entertainment - Promotes a product, such as an album or movie, and often inforporates music and/or animationE-Commerce - Wells products or servicesOther

    10. Do you have a site structure ready (list of pages and description of content for each page)?

    Yes, I have a site structure outlined.No yet, but I will get one ready.

    No, I need some help preparing one.Other

    11. How should the site be perceived?

    ModernInnovativeSpre & MinimalisticSophisticated

    Rich & BoldCasualFunOther

    13. Will you be providing your site copy?

    [checkbox site-copy-col-1 "Yes, I have it ready. " Yes, I will compile it.]

    No, I need to outsource the copy.

    14. Do you have any of the following resources for the project?

    LogoPrint Materials (eg. business cards, brochures, or print ads)Branding SpecificationsPhotos

    VideosDomain Namehostingother

    15. What is your project budget? (This range will give me an idea of how many features can be included.)

    Less than $2500$2500-3000$3500-$4500

    $4500-$5500$5500+Not sure yet

    16. Is your company a 501(c)(3) non-profit?



    18. Are you intereste in any of the other following services?

    Logo DesignBusiness CardsOther Print MaterialsDigital Banners

    HTML EmailsSearch Engine OptimizationSite Maintenance